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The BEST E-nails, Rosin Presses, Vaporizers & Accessories

The Puff Tuff enail line of rosin presses, vaporizers, enails and traditional digital e-nail styles are now available. These quality & durable products provide an excellent function for aromatherapy or consuming all of your essential oils. Our current line of products include : The Puff Tuff Vaporizer, this sleek and smooth vape pen provides a powerful puff so you can Puff Tuff every time & The Puff Tuff Enail, which is not only the BEST ENAIL ON THE MARKET TODAY, but also allows you to keep your nail at the perfect temperature so you can Puff Tuff all day (comes with an extra USB port on the back and FREE carb cap and versatile nail that fits ANY gauge rig) & the Puff Tuff Pneumatic Rosin Press which comes in 5000 or 8000 PSI & The E-glow lighter which takes away the need for a disposable butane lighter so you can Puff Tuff with ease!

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