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Puff Tuff!

The BEST Aromatherapy E-nails, Heat Shirt Presses, Vaporizers & Accessories

The Puff Tuff Aromatherapy and shirt press and enail line of presses, vaporizers, enails and traditional digital e-nail styles are now available. These quality & durable products provide an excellent function for aromatherapy and all of your essential oils and vape needs. Our current line of products include : The Puff Tuff Vaporizer, this sleek and smooth vape pen provides a powerful puff so you can Puff Tuff aromatherapy every time & The Puff Tuff Enail, which is not only the BEST ENAIL ON THE MARKET TODAY, but also allows you to keep your nail at the perfect temperature (comes with a FREE carb cap and versatile nail that fits ANY gauge rig and silicone containers) & the Puff Tuff Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric and Manual shirt Presses which comes in options from 2000 up to 12,000 PSI & The E-glow lighter which takes away the need for a disposable butane lighter so you can Puff Tuff with ease!

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